Picture (Ogasawara Tadashi)


"Through Kyogen I want to present the opportunity to of a culture shock to people. Especially if by these means I may be able to create passionate Kyogen fans, such as I am."
With this thought in mind, while holding performances I have also begun activities which "pass along" Kyogen to the next generation.
"Passing on" the things I which I learned from my teacher, and all who have had the opportunity to apprentice with a master actor is the fate of those who chose to engage in classical perfomning arts.


At present I am holding meetings of the Wakana-no-kai in Osaka, Shiga, Toyota, Niigata, Tokyo, and Chiba.
The members include people of all levels of interest, from those who enjoy Kyogen as a hobby, to those apprenticing and who study with the intention of becoming professional actors.
The rehearsals include, Ko-utai (singing), Ko-mai (dancing), Katari (storytelling), and Kyogen, etc. If you are interested, rehearsals please contact us for the dates and times of rehearsals. Opportunities for guests to view rehearsal is also provided to those who are interested. Prospective students are encouraged to watch a rehearsal before starting.

Please send further inquiries to Atelier Oga by email.