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With the Japanese classic arts as a major theme, and in order to make Kyogen available to a wide variety of viewers, I hold lectures, classes, and workshops where participatns can appreciate for their own the art of Kyogen.

The following 6 lectures incorporated discussions and elementary Kyogen performances which present the art in it's simplest form as well as actual viewings at Noh performance halls.

Session 1: What are Classical Japanese Performing Arts?
History of Japanese Performing Arts in connection with the Performing Arts of China (gagaku-traditional court music, Bugaku-traditional court dance, gigaku etc.)
Session 2: The Art of Mimicry in Japan
The Transition from Sangaku to Sarugaku, and the relationship between the twin styles, Noh and Kyogen.
Session 3: Fortune comes to those who laugh!
New performing arts born of Kyogen: On the shared tradition of comedy in Rakugo and Kyogen.
Session 4: The Elegance of the Kamigata Area - Ningyo Joruri - Ballads and Dramas
On the transition from the monochrome world of Sumi-e ink paintings to the colorful world of Ukiyo-e. This lecture focuses on the difference between Kabuki, Bunraku, Noh, and Kyogen.
Session 5: Let's act together!
Using Kyogen styles and methods, students attempt simple expressions of emotion, happiness, laughter, sadness, and anger, as well as dancing and singing..
Session 6: A Trip to the Noh Performance Hall.
A class trip to the Noh stage, and a group viewing of live Kyogen.

At present I am active in holding educational lectures and performance training workshops in partnership with various groups and educational organizations which are interested in learning and experiencing traditional Kyogen.

It is a given that classical performing arts can only endure through time only with support from the viewers who watch and appreciate these performances.
Participants of all ages are welcome. And I must emphasize the value and importance of providing youth who will become the future itself opportunities to enjoy and learn Kyogen in a relaxed and casual manner.

● Other programs and classes are available.

Nohgaku - Fundamental Knowledge of Noh and Kyogen
Comparing Noh and Kyogen
Experience and Emotion - The Music of Noh: The Fue, Kotsuzumi, Ootsuzumi, and Taiko
The Classical Performing Arts
Vocalization and Vocal Expressions in Japanese Classical Performing Arts
The Japanese Taiko and Kyogen - Live Performance and Instruction in the Japanese Taiko
Experiencing Kyogen
Live Experience of Kyogen Songs Kayoo
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